Chocolate Raspberry Drizzles


Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle

Chocolate Raspberry Drizzles

One Dozen Cookies

While chocolate and shortbread may be nothing new, adding the sweet tartness of raspberry spread makes this cookie anything but boring! Made with delectable chocolate, tasty shortbread, and a touch of raspberry, our chocolate raspberry drizzle is perfect for the dessert connoisseur who likes it all.

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Guava Raspberry Macadamia Nut Bars

Guava Raspberry Mac Nut Bars

One Dozen Bars

The Hawaiian language has one word to describe a delicious, mouthwatering taste and that is `ono, as in “So `ono.” This subtly sweet and delicious shortbread confection is a beautiful marriage of soft, buttery shortbread and sweet, tasty guava-raspberry spread.

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